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If you cannot find the answer to your question please email us.


Fab Style app is currently Free!  Download it now from the iTunes app store.

Fab Style is currently available for the iPhone. At a minimum you will need an iPhone 6 and  iOS 10.  Download the app now for Free from the iTunes app store.  We will be launching on Android soon. If you would like to be notified when it will hit the Google Play Store please subscribe to our alert list.

A free account is required to save and access your style sessions.

How it Works

The Fab Gallery currently contains thousands of images with the latest styles and trends. You can search these images by colour and style.  You can also upload images from your own device or take photos to save.

Yes. Images you upload as inspiration will appear on your My Inspo tab. You can also upload selfies of your finished style. These will appear on your Selfies tab.

Images that you upload as inspiration may be made publicly available in the Fab Gallery for other users to enjoy and save as inspiration. These images will not be linked to you in any way.  Images that you upload of yourself (in the Selfies tab) are private and not shared. These are only visible to you.  For more information on copyright and content usage please refer to our mobile app terms of use.

Think of a style session as your hair appointment. It’s where you will add, collect and save inspiration for that appointment, as well as any notes/reminders you may have – plus those all important post-style/cut/colour selfies!

It is not possible to download images from the Fab Style app.

There is no limit to the number of style sessions you can create. Forward planning is a good thing!

My Account

When logged in to the Fab Style app, open the side menu and navigate to Settings.

From the app Sign In screen, click on the Forgot Password link (top right of screen).  Follow the prompts to reset your password. 

Product Feedback

Excellent! We love and encourage feedback from our FABulous members. Please send your suggestions to fabstyle@earlydays.com. If we implement an idea of yours we’ll let you know. We might even send you something nice.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in these FAQs please send us an email to fabstyle@earlydays.com.

Salon Owner / Stylist

We’re pleased you asked!  For now you can share the Fab Style website with your customers (www.fabstyle.app) and ask them to download the Fab Style app for free and use when planning their future appointments with you.  Fab Style will greatly improve the efficiency of your client style sessions.

Fab Studio (specifically for Salon Owners and Stylists) will be launching soon. Add your details to the alert list and we’ll follow up with you shortly.