Fab is a pocketbook of
style for your hair.

Made to turn heads

No more magazine cuttings, lost screenshots, searching for photos or wasting time at the salon.

Plan your next cut, colour or style with Fab. Access 1000's of images or upload your own to the gallery.

Search. Save. Share

Android coming soon friends!

Start with a style session

Sessions are where you plan your next style or look back on old ones.  They are your place in the app to save inspiration images, notes for your stylist and most importantly your post-style selfies!

Curate your style

Take photos, upload your own images or browse through thousands of styles in Fab to find that inspo for your next cut, colour or style.

Become your stylist's new BFF!

Add images, notes and reminders to your session to help brief your stylist (or as handy reminders when looking back on past styles).

Work it! Finish with a selfie.

Keep a visual record of your hairstyles and save your post-style selfies to your session. Use as a reference for future sessions or share with your friends!

And much more...

Rate your style

It’s been a few days. How’s the new style working for you? Rate it and add your notes for next time.

Show it off!

Snap your selfies, save to your session and share with your besties for their feedback.

Be organised

Plan unlimited styles for different occasions (regular cut, work event, wedding, holidays...)

Take a look back

Browse through your previous styles, session notes and feedback. Great for revisiting old styles.

We see you.

And you look Fab!

I'm loving Fab! I always save images or take photos from magazines etc for my next cut. But inevitably I always lose them! I love the fact I can keep my ideas in one place. Super handy. My stylist is loving me for being so organised!
I would pay for this! Well done. So simple. Yet so good.
I love it!

Los Angeles
Brilliant. I’ve added my old styles - and already have 3 sessions being planned for future events! So good to have everything in one place. If I could share sessions with friends that would be great.
Am I the only woman who doesn’t like getting their hair cut (?!). Thankfully this has made the process much simpler for me. I can now explain to my lovely stylist exactly what I need much more quickly. Which means less time in the salon!
My hairdresser thinks this is amazing (as do I). He has even started to send me images to add as inspiration for my next cut!


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